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Greece Luxury Villas - Apartments for Sell in Crete Greece



Apartments from 15.38 sqm and from 29.000 euros 

 Information: without real estate agency commission 

Crete - Greece,buy a dream house in a quiet little village built just for you
A new way of living awaits you in the "The Secret of The Garden"

                                   Homes, from only 29.000 euros to 156,000 euros

Come with us and revealed the "Secret Garden".
The concept This project focuses on the need of modern man now crucial to find a balance within himself.
It focuses on communication between man and nature with the whole range of emotions that this may create.
We use local materials and simple architectural forms.
Transforms our experience that through half a century of experience in luxury projects, we decided to build houses in a wealthy that makes you dream. Homes that over the years become valuable.
We propose a new way of life in the midst of nature that will change your life.
The walk in the beautiful traditional village of Exopolis,
interaction with nature and the peaceful local population,
confidence that our policy provides for the village,
the magical view of the sea, fields and mountains.
the quiet and clean that regenerates,
the approach to land for those who want to grow their own garden,
the special flavor of the bread made the traditional oven.

Discover the "Secret Garden"
In this small village built just for you, daily services provided are matched only by the services of a 5-star hotel.
Services that could offer a 5 stars hotel
What makes this project unique is that in the heart of this village, in the "Willow" in a location with great views, easily accessible by all residents, there are elegant buildings that offer services including:

24-hour reception service for all residents.
Library (books on Greek mythology, history,
ocal food, cosmetics, literature and poetry).
Eating-house (type tavern - restaurant)
Shop for Wines and Spirits
Cafeteria - Bar
19mx6m pool size (with children's pool and SPA).
Dispensary with Doctor on call for 24 hours (with one phone call).

Still, on request we offer, services, breakfast and lunch-dinner at home, cleaning, washing - ironing clothes, gardener.
You will enjoy every time you want, the services offered by a hotel 5 stars.
Everything makes your life easier and more carefree.
You will have more time to enjoy a walk in the middle of nature, beautiful views, the nature and the company of your friends!
A community that lives in absolute safety.
Do not worry!
Here, there is always safety!
"The secret of the Garden 'includes this.

Your children can play in a controlled, secure environment.
Although there is no crime, your property is protected by perimeter fencing, alarm systems and surveillance cameras.
The alarm systems are in direct communication with the private security agency and the local Police Department.
The low cost of living
The cost of living in "Secret Garden" can be up to 30% lower than the cost of living in Athens.
All services and amenities (food, cleaning, transport, washing - ironing clothes, etc.) can be found at very low prices.
So you will be able to enjoy the same services and amenities of a big city with a remarkably low cost.

Tourism, as we all know, is the top "industry" in Greece. This year we had a 16% increase in tourist arrivals. It is also generally accepted by many that Greece is the most beautiful country in Europe. Forecasts indicate that hundreds of thousands of Europeans and North Europeans will buy a secondary home or headquarters in Greece.
Crete is the first destination to which the tourist season lasts 365 days a year.
Therefore, buying a home in Crete, especially in this period that prices are lower than before, is considered a very smart investment.

Agency commission Free

The "Secret Garden" is located at:
38 km from 'airport of Chania
25 km from the city of Chania
37 km from the port of Souda
1.5 km from the beach of Georgioupolis
17 km from 'General Hospital of Chania
25 km from Rethymno
62 km from Heraklion.
Just 5 minutes from the beach.

Houses from 15.85 m2.

Homes, from only 29.000 euros to 156,000 euros

Ask for more information on this unique opportunity. Many houses were already built and sold. The delivery of the houses has already begun.
Already  operating, Reception, Restaurant, Pool and Pool Bar, Mini Market, Clinic, Library, Shop Wine and spirits etc..
You still have time if you hurry.
Ask to arrange for you a visit to this beautiful new resort.
There are many flights to Chania from Athens.

From April until about October, there are daily direct flights from different European cities to Chania of Crete with Ryanair, with very low prices.

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